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Survata Netflix viewership monthly tracker

Netflix Viewer Trends — Monthly Tracker

How many people are actually watching the Netflix Originals?

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Survata Cord Cutting Index Monthly Tracker

Cord Cutting Index — Monthly Tracker

Are people really getting rid of cable TV?

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Survata Ad Blocking Trends Quarterly Tracker

Ad Blocking Trends — Quarterly Tracker

What makes someone turn off their ad blocking software?

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Survata Travel Lodging Trends AirBnb Quarterly Tracker

Travel Lodging Trends — Quarterly Tracker

Is AirBnB a threat to the hotel industry?

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Survata Smoking Quarterly Tracker

Smoking — Quarterly Tracker

How much do Americans smoke?

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Survata Carless Quarterly Tracker

Going Carless — Quarterly Tracker

When will consumers give up car ownership?

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