Survata Creative Test provides real-time feedback on naming, concepts, ad creative, and market messaging before you launch a campaign.

Take action by customizing campaigns to deliver the messages and concepts preferred by different audience segments.

Get Insight

  • Get-time feedback on creative concepts and pricing before you launch a campaign.
  • Rapidly test the resonance of different logos, taglines, images, price points and even videos.

Take Action

  • Turn insights about your concepts and messages into audiences you can activate with advertising.
  • Ensure your motivating message is being aimed at the right customers before you launch a campaign.

Turn Insights into Action

The high quality and granularity of the data we collect from the Survata Digital Network, allows you to deeply understand the characteristics associated with audiences preferring different messages or creative treatments.

By applying our power machine learning platform, these different audiences can be created, scaled, and targeted based on their preference for a given brand message.


Digital Network

A network of premium digital publishers and service providers who let us interview their audiences.

Analytics Suite

Delivers high quality data, advanced statistical analysis, and the power of machine learning.

Partner Ecosystem

An ecosystem of partner relationship and direct technology integrations.

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