Brand Tracker helps you stay connected to your consumer’s opinions in order to maintain - and grow - your brand equity. Stay up to date on how consumers feel about your brand and get an early detection system to identify possible problems or opportunities.

Get Insight

  • Track Marketing Effectiveness
  • Track Brand Health
  • Track shifts in the market in terms of demographics, behavior, concentration or percentage of people within market segments, and changes to the motivating power index

Take Action

  • Brand Tracker’s self-healing capabilities identify consumer segments where brand favorability is slipping and create audiences you can activate with advertising to reverse the trend.
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Turn Insights into Action

Brand Tracker data is available immediately as it’s collected and summarized in periodic reports, but you don’t have to wait for reports to take action. By applying our powerful machine learning system to Brand Tracker data, we can identify precise audiences you can activate with brand advertising to ensure your brand goals are being met.


How Does it Work?

Quality consumer data is collected in the Survata Digital Network to match your needs. Consumers can be screened according to a range of client-defined criteria, including your proprietary consumer segmentation. 

What Does it Measure?

Common Brand Tracker Key Measures are available on real-time dashboards and summarized in periodic reports: 


  • Brand Perception
  • Brand Knowledge
  • Brand Favorability
  • Likely to Recommend

Brand Characteristics

  • Usage Occasion
  • Brand Penetration
  • Brand Spend
  • Marketing Channels

Awareness & Motivation

  • Unaided Awareness
  • Aided Awareness
  • Unaided Motivation
  • Aided Motivation


Digital Network

A network of premium digital publishers and service providers who let us interview their audiences.

Analytics Suite

Delivers high quality data, advanced statistical analysis, and the power of machine learning.

Partner Ecosystem

An ecosystem of partner relationship and direct technology integrations.

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