Our Brand Campaign Measurement includes proprietary Precision On-Target Analytics and Funnel Impact Visualization that provide a deep understanding of who a campaign is influencing and how they are being impacted.

Our powerful machine learning system turns these deep insights into intelligent action by creating Precision On-Target Audiences and Persuadable Audiences that can be scaled and activated by brand advertising.   

Get Insight

  • See how well your digital or TV campaign delivers on your brand goals
  • Understand where in the marketing funnel your campaign is having the highest impact
  • Identify the audiences who are most—and least—impacted by your brand campaign

Take Action

  • Quickly shift budgets to tactics that provide greater brand lift
  • Auto-optimize campaigns by targeting Persuadable Audiences, those most persuaded by your campaign’s message
  • Rapidly shift budgets to tactics that reach Precision On-Target audiences
  • Auto-optimize campaigns by targeting Advanced On-Target audiences

Funnel Impact Visualization
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What Does it Measure?

  • Brand Lift metrics monitor the lift to brand KPIs and by highly granular demographic and behavioral data cuts. We can measure digital and total video campaigns, including linear TV.

  • Funnel Impact visualization identify the individuals who were most positively impacted by a campaign. It’s now possible to move beyond simple bar chart comparisons of brand lift metrics and visualize how a brand campaign impacts individuals at different locations in the brand funnel.
  • Precision On-Target Analytics identify off-target publishers and placements based on demographic and behavioral profiles which go far beyond age/gender/location. Brands can use this measurement data to take action and target Precision On-Target Audiences.

  • Persuasion Analytics provides an understanding of an individual’s location and movement through the brand funnel is influenced by a brand campaign. This allows us to identify consumers who are most positively impacted by a brand campaign Persuasion Analytics is the basis for the automated creation of Persuadable Audiences.

Powered By the Survata Platform

Digital Network

A network of premium digital publishers and service providers who let us interview their audiences.

Analytics Suite

Delivers high quality data, advanced statistical analysis, and the power of machine learning.

Partner Ecosystem

An ecosystem of partner relationship and direct technology integrations.
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