Survata Dynamic Segmentation helps you ensure you’re targeting the right segments to drive brand goals and business growth. Define custom audiences from your segmentation study or typing tool, then activate it across your media plan.

Get Insight

  • Understand who your most valuable customers are
  • Uncover unexpected customer characteristics

Take Action

  • Target precise segments and activate with advertising

How Does it Work?

With Dynamic Segmentation, we can use your existing brand typing tool to define audiences we gather insight about or build a new segmentation study to define your customer audiences. Either way, we'll leverage the Survata Digital Network and Analytics Suite to bring a fresh understanding of your customers and market.


Turn Insights into Action

By applying our powerful machine learning system to Dynamic Segmentation data, we can identify precise audiences you can activate with brand advertising to ensure you're getting the right message to the right audience.


Digital Network

A network of premium digital publishers and service providers who let us interview their audiences.

Analytics Suite

Delivers high quality data, advanced statistical analysis, and the power of machine learning.

Partner Ecosystem

An ecosystem of partner relationship and direct technology integrations.

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