How it works

We help our network partners generate revenue by asking consumers questions in exchange for access to premium digital content or services.

The Survata Digital Network reaches more consumers than all major panel companies, combined. This unique approach delivers more accurate, rapidly collected consumer data that we turn into Insight and Action. 




Side-by-side tests run on the Survata Digital Network and against samples from traditional panel companies.

Our data shows that survey takers from a traditional panel sample are 3-8X more likely to claim awareness of fake and non-existent brands versus consumers in the Survata Digital Network. 



The size of our digital network results in a population of individuals who closely match census demographics as opposed to a self-selected pool of survey takers. Because we interact with consumers who are interested in accessing premium content or services—rather than receiving direct compensation for answering questions—the quality of Survata data surpasses that of traditional sample panel providers.


Network demos


Because our digital network leverages over 250 million devices a month, and touches people on mobile phones, in apps, and across the web, Survata connects with harder to reach demographics like young people, Hispanics, and more affluent respondents.


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