MJ Viederman

Get feedback on food product labels

MJ needed to test product labels for her client, a premium frozen food brand found in stores nationwide.

MJ put different label designs in front of thousands of consumers, all of whom also offered qualitative feedback on their choice. As a result, MJ was able to pinpoint the product description that won over the most consumers.

In product marketing, small changes can have a huge impact, and Survata makes it easy to test any and all creative decisions.
Mark Engelen
Director of Product Marketing

Measure demand for a medical service

Mark needed to find out if interest for his product, a way of accessing medical records, varies by age and health condition.

Mark used Survata to interview thousands of respondents, resulting in a detailed report on demand for his product. From the data, Mark was able to define overall demand for his product and focus his marketing efforts accordingly.

Survata makes it easy to reach subgroups on any scale, and has fit in perfectly with my product development efforts.
Ivana Savic
User researcher

Ask HR professionals about their needs

In order to ensure Gild was meeting the needs of their clients, Ivana wanted to get qualitative feedback from HR professionals.

Gild matches qualified developers with job openings, so Ivana used Survata to make sure their process was in line with what hiring managers value. Ivana asked HR professionals to define industry terms in their own words, and gained helpful information regarding industry terms and expectations.

Survata was incredible! Easy to use service, quick turn-around, and amazing customer service. Can’t ask for more!
Bruce Carlisle

Run index tracking business travelers

Bruce needed to index a crucial metric for his business, a search engine for professional conferences.

Survata helped Bruce create the “Houndex” — a custom index targeted to business professionals that gave real-time insights about their conference attending habits. Bruce gets data on a quarterly basis, which allows him to stay up to date on industry trends and write timely, successful press releases.

Survata is a flexible platform that has helped us position ourselves as a thought leader in the conference industry.
Yunha Kim

Select name for mobile app

Yunha needed an app name that captured the attention of potential users and reflected what Locket does — place digital content on the lock screen of a user’s smartphone.

To find out, Yunha surveyed hundreds of smartphone users to see which app name stood out from the rest. What followed was a name that caught on with consumers, leading to 300K app downloads.

Survata is the best! We were able to make one of the most important decisions for Locket in the quickest and cheapest way possible, and came up with the name "Locket!" Definitely recommend Survata for all startups!
Bev Emerson

Determine demand for food product

Bev needed to make sure a new food product being developed would resonate with health-conscious mothers of young children.

To find out, she used Survata to put product descriptions in front of hundreds of mothers. She was able to measure which slogan, product name, and product details her target demographic preferred.

Survata’s customer service is far beyond any other market research option I’ve used, and it’s fast and incredibly simple.
Robyn Domber
Director of Research

Investigate consumer travel plans

Robyn needed empirical data to measure interest and price expectations for a trip to destination in Latin America among seasoned travelers.

She asked hundreds of travelers for their level of interest in traveling to a specific country in Latin America, and how much they would be willing to spend on such a trip. Robyn used the results to bolster a report for her clients, which include major domestic and international tourism boards.

When working for different clients, we need a wide variety of questions answered. Survata is great for them all.
Jason Johnson

Get design feedback for household product

In order to create a Bluetooth “smart lock” that looks great and meets consumers’ demands, Jason needed a variety of design and product feedback.

Survata helped Jason reach hundreds of city dwellers, asking them about everything from their key-lending habits to the color of their front door. The data helped shape the development of the August Smart Lock, a simple and secure way to manage your home’s lock.

Survata’s personalized insight on our results was really valuable, and wasn’t something we’ve had with other research options. It helped us get the most out of our data.
Ryan Fleming

Select name for a coffee shop

Ryan needed the name of his new coffee shop to reflect personalized and high-quality customer service, so he showed potential choices to young adults in the Washington, D.C. area to see which resonated the most.

Ryan used Survata to present his name options to hundreds of targeted respondents, and found out which choice was most in line with his business concept. He settled on Slipstream, which his demographic thought best represented Ryan’s fusion of a coffee shop and cocktail bar.

Survata allowed me to get feedback straight from potential customers affordably, and informed an important decision for my small business.
Larry Andrews
Senior Consultant

Test logos and slogans

Larry needed to ensure his client’s product design made the right impression, so he used Survata to choose between several logo and slogan options.

Larry got feedback from hundreds of respondents in his target geographic area, and used the data to decide on design features that best communicate the value of the product: a new type of ATM.

Survata provides professional and knowledgable support through the entire process, all of which is very value priced.
Brian Rue

Measure behavior of software engineers

Brian needed to gauge how his SaaS product was catching on, and how it fit in with current industry practices.

To do so, he asked software developers the ways in which they track bugs. In the process, Brian got a sense of how many engineers use existing products, and how many use inefficient processes he can improve upon with Rollbar.

Survata is cost effective, and lets me reach a targeted subgroup that’s not accessible with many other research tools.
Ryan Kreager

Measure demand for a mobile app

In order to create a smartphone app that suited the needs of Catholic parishes, Ryan got feedback straight from his target market: devout Catholics who are active in their parish.

Ryan used Survata to ask respondents what inspires them to participate in their church, and how a smartphone app could facilitate parish communication and activity. He gained insight into what app features would be most useful, and which name would catch on the most with potential app users.

Our target market can be hard to reach. Survata made it easy to get real world feedback and shape our user experience the right way, right from the start.