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  • Select your audienceYou create a survey
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Track consumer preferences over time

Measure consumer behavior over time

Stay up to date on consumer preferences and trends by benchmarking at regular intervals.

Choose your audience and track trends

Reach the right audience

Customize your demographic, geographic, and behavioral segments to fit your needs.

Choose your audience and track trends

Hear from a happy client

Alex needed to track public sentiment on mission-critical issues.

In the past, Alex used traditional internet panels, RDD sampling, and other outdated methods for trackers, but wasn’t satisfied with the accuracy or cost. He also needed substantially improved demographic sampling and geographic targeting, and placed a high premium on speed.

The best part of working with Survata is their team — ultra responsive, genuinely helpful, and committed to quality. It won’t be long before the rest of the research community realizes Survata is the way to go.
Alex Trouteaud

Alex Trouteaud, Ph.D.

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