Survata shows data in real-time

See your data in real-time, anywhere

Our mobile friendly dashboard displays the results from your survey in an easy to read and digestible format. An “At a Glance” module quickly gives you a preview of your questions, with a progress tracker to give the latest status of a running survey.

Downloadable data

Downloadable data, ready for use

Data is delivered straight to your dashboard in dynamic graphs ready for your presentation, everything from a heat map to a word cloud. With the filtering functionality, get the specific data you need by sorting through different demographic groups. You can easily export all charts.

Downloadable data

Chat with your Research Analyst

Chat with your Research Analyst

All of the surveys that run on the Survata network are carefully examined and optimized by one of our Research Analysts. The discussion feature within the dashboard allows direct communication with your analyst. See their suggestions, modifications, and improvements or use it to ask a question.

Compare data

Compare With A Single Click

Instantly generate graphs contrasting how one group of respondents (e.g., 18–24 year olds) answered versus a second group (e.g., 45–54 year olds) using our Sample Comparisons feature.

Compare data

Share and collaborate

Share and collaborate your results

Easily share findings both internally and externally of your organization. Invite fellow colleagues to view and make comments on both the survey and the results. Release and share the data for a PR campaign (with optional settings) — creating an online portal so the public only sees the data you choose.

Easily re-run survey

Easily run a survey again for additional insights

Need additional respondents? The dashboard allows you to easily run the same survey again or with modifications to increase your data sets. You can also set up a new study in no time with our bulk upload feature — all your questions created with a single file upload.

Easily re-run survey

Billing integrated into your dashboard

Worry-free billing

Integrated in the dashboard is a Receipts tab — allowing you to see billing details for your survey with downloadable receipts for easy expensing.

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