Methodology / Accuracy

How accurate are Survata’s results?

Survata delivers highly accurate survey results — doing so is our primary focus! We employ a robust, multi-step approach to controlling response quality:

Respondent pool

  • We partner with high quality publishers, like Doodle, and HyperInk, to locate engaged survey respondents.
  • We evaluate every new publisher during an initial “test period” to ensure the publisher’s audience provides valid responses.
  • We regularly evaluate every publisher in our network using baseline questions with known prevalence in the population (e.g. “Do you own a dog?”).
  • We do not recruit respondents to the publisher websites. Instead, we engage the respondents during natural interaction with the publisher content.

Respondent limits

  • We do not offer cash or collectible incentives (points, airline miles, etc.) to avoid “survey addicts.”
  • We cap how often a respondent can answer a survey across our network.

Response analysis

  • We run “trap questions” with known answers (e.g. “In which time zone do you live?”) to identify respondents who are not engaged or answering honestly.
  • We use advanced analytics to filter out low quality responses by integrating signals such as response speed and response pattern.

In addition to response quality, a second factor in survey accuracy is sample size. Depending on the purpose of your study, different sample sizes are needed to reach statistical significance and a small margin of error. You can use a 3rd party margin of error calculator (like this one) to see how many respondents are appropriate for your Survata survey.

Where does Survata finds respondents for my survey?

Survata powers a network of online publishers, where consumers take short surveys in exchange for access to premium content (e.g., ebooks, videos, downloads, etc.). So, your survey’s respondents are sourced from various sites around the web. We work with high quality publishers like Doodle and Hyperink.

To avoid “response fatigue,” no respondents are sourced from research panels. To avoid reaching “survey addicts,” no cash or collectible incentives (points, airlines miles, etc.) are used.

Are the respondents paid to complete the surveys?

No. Respondents only receive the premium content offered by the publisher in exchange for completing the survey — such as articles, movies, videos, and downloads. This approach allows us to reach a broader range of respondents who would never join a research panel to get paid to complete surveys.

Survey design

How long can my survey be?

Survata limits surveys to 6 questions. Keeping surveys short leads to more trustworthy, mindful answers from respondents. When respondents have to answer too many questions, they experience “survey fatigue” which may cause them to answer less thoughtfully. In our experience, short surveys produce better data.

Do you have a survey that is longer than our 6 question limit? We can help you segment your questions into a few shorter surveys. We keep each survey focused on a specific topic so you can crosstab the necessary answers. For assistance segmenting your questions, contact and one of our research analysts will happily advise you.

How much does a Survata survey cost?

Pricing for a Survata survey is simple. We charge $1 per US respondent and $2 per international respondent. For example, surveying 150 Americans with Survata costs $150, and surveying 150 Germans costs $300.

Survey results

What data do I receive in my survey results?

The results include, for each respondent:

  • Answer to each question
  • Time at which s/he took the survey
  • Demographics
    • gender
    • age range
  • Geographics
    • country
    • state within the United States
  • Technographics
    • operating system
    • device type
    • web browser