Brand Campaign

The Brand Campaign Measurement product module offers a self-serve brand-lift dashboard updated & re-weighted in real-time, available 24x7--measuring across all channels and media formats including TV, Display, Mobile, and Audio.

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Brand Campaign Measurement

Measure your brand campaign to get actionable insights.

Survata Brand Campaign Measurement measures your brand campaign and optimizes it for the highest impact, delivering scale and always-on brand insights. Survata’s dashboard provides the Brand Lift Metrics you expect, updated daily, as well as proprietary Persuadability Scores and Audience Targeting Analytics that tell you who your advertising is reaching across demographic, behavioral, and attitudinal attributes.


Survata Brand Campaign Measurement

Now you can analyze brand lift the way you want - for any campaign, any KPI and any data cut.

Brand Lift Metrics

Monitors the lift to brand KPIs by highly granular demographic and behavioral data cuts, with data updated daily.

Targeting Verification

Verifying campaigns reached intended audiences.


Our optimization product module is integrated with every major media platform so you can easily auto-optimize campaigns to brand outcomes. With real-time brand lift, brands move at the pace of programmatic.

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Bid Optimization

Seamlessly integrate consumer-level persuadability data with DSPs

Optimize bids at the consumer level using our proprietary Persuadability Scores to focus on the exact individuals most likely to respond to your campaign.


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Persuadable Audiences

Activate the most persuadable individuals to improve targeting

Our proprietary persuadability scores are used to create Persuadable Audiences that can be scaled and activated via nearly any DSP or media-buying platform.


The Survata platform helps you plan, measure, and optimize brand marketing.