New Dashboard Features: Demographic Data Breakdown, Error Bars & more

Over the past few months here at Survata we have been releasing new features to better support our clients to make the most out of every study ran and gain true insights. We are excited about a number of the features you will start to see in the coming months including advanced variables, and custom reporting.

Get a quick look at your demographic data

Sometimes you need the most basic breakdown of you respondents to best understand and analyze your study. To get a quick look at the breakdown of gender, age and location simply navigate to demographic data in your charts dropdown.

Demographic data

Use error bars to feel more confident in your results

You can now modify your charts to include error bars. Error bars add value by displaying the margin of error to help give you a better idea of how your results compare to the larger population. To take advantage of this new feature, when viewing a chart, select the top right corner – show error bars.


Get more out of your ad effectiveness studies

Clients running ad effectiveness studies can now log in and see their results compared by control and exposed. This allows you to get quicker insight into the pulse of your study without having to take any additional steps. We are continuing to bring product enhancements to our ad effectiveness studies through automated statistical analysis and layering of data sources. To learn more about bringing this type of study to your company take a look at our free eGuide – What is Ad Effectiveness and How Does It Help Your Business?


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“Trends in Ad Measurement” NYC moderated by Chris Kuist, from The IAB.


After our first successful panel in San Francisco, Survata was happy to host “Trends in Ad Measurement” in New York. Moderated by Chris Kuist, Sr. VP of Research and Impact at the IAB, and joined by a panel of brand leaders in Ad Research:

-Alissa Tofias – Director of Digital Marketing at HBO
-Jonny Silberman – Director of Digital Strategy & Innovation at Anheuser-Busch InBev
-Kristina Kaganer – Director of Global Data Strategy at Coty
-Rudy Grahn – EVP of Business Intelligence at VM One – Zenith

The event took place on Thursday, February 8th, 2017 in Chelsea. The panel discussed trending topics from the industry, including brand safety, attribution, and viewability. On the issue of data quality, “the industry needs to come together” said Jonny Silberman. “We know we have to ask questions, but we don’t know what to ask”, said Kristana Kaganer.

Want to see what other insights were discussed? View the entire panel recording below and check out our photo gallery from the event here.

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Audience Validation: The Next Step In Programmatic Quality

Survata presented at the Programmatic World Forum in San Francisco on the future of audience data quality. We were joined by our client Ian Kurtz from AKQA on the “Who” question in programmatic advertising. Do the audiences actually contain who data partners say they contain? Marketers are craving more confidence in the data they’re using every day. They want to know their targeting is more effective than a coin toss, especially since advertisers are spending over $1bn in programmatic media.

We touched on Survata’s forward-looking view of Audience Validation and how we’re helping brands and agencies like AKQA tackle the issue of data quality. Imaging interviewing consumers in different programmatic segments and measuring the actual on-target percent. If you are looking for “moms” for your next campaign, you can log into your DMP and select the data provider that has the most accurate audience. This is the next step in programmatic quality.

See our full presentation below:






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