Get More Out of Your Survata Data by Utilizing our Newest Feature

The past year at Survata we have been working hard to make your data do more for you. We are proud to announce our newest feature that supports this mission– Reports. Reports allow you to create a personalized view of the most relevant and interesting information from your study to allow you to more easily share and understand key findings.

What are Reports?

Our Reports function is a collection of individual reports you can create. An individual report consists of relevant information that you find while exploring your data through filters, comparisons and crosstabs. Within a report you can make edits not allowed in your charts to get you closer to your end goal.

How to create a report?

Getting started with Reports is simple. Whether you are the survey owner or a collaborator you can create a report by selecting “+” and “Create new report”. Once you do this you will be prompted to name your report. The next time you want to add a chart or crosstab to your report select the “+” and the name of the report you would like to add it to.

To view your reports, simply navigate there through the side navigation. This will allow you a clean view of the information you saved to your report.

What type of customization can I make to a report?

Reports were designed so that we can help you get your data closer to your end goal. To help with this we allow you to edit the chart or crosstab title, include error bars, display your data as a horizontal bar charts and include information about the filters applied.

How do I share a report?

When you create a report as a survey owner, you can select the survey collaborators who you would like to be able to see your report. When you share a report they will not be able to edit it but only view it. You are also able to download your report as a single png file or all of your charts and crosstabs as individual images.

What is coming?

We look forward to adding additional features to Reports to help our client more easily view, share and customize your findings from your reports. Stay tuned for more updates.

And as always we love developing ways to help make our clients lives easier and we would love to hear your feedback, feel free to contact us at at any time to get in touch.

Survata Recognized for Leadership in Employing People with Developmental Disabilities

WLA logo.half

SAN FRANCISCO, May 11th, 2018 – Survata announced today that one of its employee is the recipient of a 2018 WorkLife Award from The Arc San Francisco, an initiative that celebrates the work and life achievements of people with developmental disabilities and the San Francisco businesses that employ them. This year, George Reyes, Office Assistant was recognized with The Employee of the Year.

The awards were created by The Arc to showcase the contributions of people with developmental disabilities including autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and other disabilities, as well as a forum to highlight the businesses who champion their success.

Clients of The Arc work in positions that vary from full-time to part-time and include office and facility services, data entry, tech support, customer service, education, hospitality, and retail. The Arc is experienced at matching qualified candidates to the needs of employers. The agency provides job coaches, at no cost to Survata, who work with employees to ensure they meet employer expectations.

“The organizations who employ our clients understand that people with developmental disabilities make terrific employees,” said Connie Tabas, Interim CEO of The Arc San Francisco. “I congratulate the businesses and individuals who are receiving The Arc’s 2018 WorkLife Awards for bringing a new diversity and talent pool to the workplace. They know that clients of The Arc are dedicated workers fulfilling vital roles every day. They support our clients in becoming taxpayers and fully contributing adults who are vital members of our community.”

George joined the Survata Team in February 2017 and has been a great contributor from day one. Over the past year, he has thrived as an Office Assistant helping with everything from expense reports, conference rooms and shopping for office supplies. His energy is infectious and he has taken on new challenges at work and is a friend to all. We are recognizing George as the New Employee of the Year because of his unbeatable work ethic and positive attitude that brings to our team.

About The Arc San Francisco
The Arc San Francisco is a lifelong learning and achievement center for over 800 individuals with developmental disabilities in San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin counties. For over 60 years, The Arc has been widely recognized for its innovation in education and career programs as well as independent living services, health advocacy, and a broad range of arts and recreation opportunities. The Arc supports individuals with autism, Down syndrome, and other disabilities to meet the challenges of adulthood while achieving personal goals and lifelong success. The Arc’s affiliations with over 100 SURVATA, education, and health partners enable the nonprofit organization to provide successful internships and employment opportunities while offering a more diverse, enriching life experience for those served.

For more information visit

The Arc San Francisco Employment Programs
The Arc San Francisco provides specialized employment and workforce development services that support the success of individuals with developmental disabilities in today’s competitive job market. Working collaboratively with clients, The Arc’s experienced team matches qualified, motivated job candidates to part- and full-time positions in office and facility services, data entry, tech support, customer service, education, hospitality, and retail, ensuring success through ongoing job coaching and career skills development. The Arc provides internship support and job coaching at no cost to employers.

About Survata
Survata is a fast-growing technology measurement company that provides brand intelligence to the world’s leading brands and agencies. Clients use Survata’s platform to talk to consumers after every touchpoint, from ad impressions and site visits to purchases and offline behavior. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and backed by leading Silicon Valley venture capital investors.

Learn more at

George Reyes ARC New Employee of the Year 2018 from Survata on Vimeo.

Survata recognized as a “24 Essential Tools and Resources for Startups and Entrepreneurs”

We all have seen resources all over the internet telling you what tools you need to grow your business or what books you need to read to become a better entrepreneur, but how much can you really trust a bunch of affiliate links and paid promotions?

That’s why our friends over at Visme have tried out all the latest tools in the market and have hand-picked the best of the best must-have tools in each category and must-read entrepreneurship books, in a detailed resource that explains why you need each tool and how you can integrate them into your business to move the needle.

This interactive visual ebook comes with practical advice from some of the most successful entrepreneurs on how to:

  • Find the intersection between what you love to do, what you’re good at and what others will pay for
  • Promote yourself in an authentic manner
  • Reach more customers through targeted media coverage
  • Identify underutilized traction channels that your competitors are overlooking
  • Build habit-forming products and ethically encourage user habits
  • A curated list of essential tools and apps
  • You can download this resource now for free.

    Download the “24 Essential Tools and Resources for Startups and Entrepreneurs” kit now.

    To learn about about Survata Market Research, please contact us.

    Survata at Lotame Ignite Americas – May 17th, 2018 NYC

    Survata and Lotame have partnered to power best in class audience and measurement solutions for the world’s top advertisers, publishers, and agencies. Via a unique server to server integration, Survata and Lotame can port data between their platforms to validate, augment and measure any audiences.

    With industry concerns over data quality at an all-time high, Lotame and Survata have recently partnered on an industry-defining data quality initiative to promote transparency in the programmatic ecosystem. Lotame Data Exchange, one of world’s largest and most renowned data marketplaces, is utilizing Survata’s proprietary publisher network to validate and augment audience behaviors, attitudes, and demographics.

    Data quality will be front and center at Lotame’s Ignite Americas Conference taking place May 17th in New York. Chris Kelly, Survata CEO, will be speaking on the panel aptly named: “A Data Quality Revolution – The Impact of Accuracy on ROI.” With Survata’s objective approach to validation and Lotame’s focus on quality, both parties hope to shed light on the problems and concurrently offer solutions to marketers looking to purchase data with confidence.

    Planning on attending? Send us a note to connect at Lotame Ignite.

    To learn about about Survata Audience Validation, please contact us.

    Leaning Towards the Customer w/ Ryan Green, Chief Marketing Officer of Southwest Airlines

    Brand Knew is a new podcast featuring interviews with marketing leaders of major national brands. Hosted by Austin Moorhead, the podcast will dive into how consumers are changing and what brand leaders are doing about it. Survata is proud to be the sponsor – check out their third episode below with Southwest CMO, Ryan Green, and be sure to subscribe for future episodes with marketing thought leaders.

    Brand Knew Ep. #3: Leaning Towards the Customer w/ Ryan Green, Chief Marketing Officer of Southwest Airlines

    Southwest Airlines is different. They don’t charge change fees, cancellation fees, or bag fees. They don’t publish their fares on aggregator websites. They don’t even have assigned seats. They might be weird, but they’re doing something right: JD Power ranked Southwest #1 among airlines in their 2017 customer satisfaction report.

    On this episode of the Brand Knew podcast, listen to Ryan Green, Chief Marketing Officer of Southwest Airlines, discuss how the company’s “maverick spirit” drives great customer service.

    Find Brand Knew Podcast on SoundCloud and iTunes and be sure to subscribe.

    Survata at Adobe Summit 2018

    Survata at Adobe Summit

    As an Adobe Audience Manager partner, Survata was invited to showcase at the Adobe Summit Conference in Las Vegas. With our integration with Adobe, we offer unprecedented Ad Measurement opportunities for marketers including Audience Validation and Brand Lift studies.

    Survata will be right in front of the main Adobe Booth (Booth #957L). Join us as we have a special presentation on how Adobe clients can validate their own audience segments through the Survata platform.

    With the rise of programmatic advertising, not all audience segments are created equal. Survata’s Audience Validation product allows brands and agencies to better measure which programmatic segments actually contains their desired audience. As we presented with our client from AKQA, Audience Validation is the future for keeping programmatic quality and accountability.

    Planning on attending? Send us a note to connect at Adobe Summit.

    Survata at Adobe Summit

    Survata Study Uncovers Most Memorable Brand Advertising Slogans

    KFC “Finger lickin’ good” edges Kay Jewelers “Every kiss begins with Kay” for top spot

    As covered by USA Today, Advertising and Market Research firm Survata today unveiled a top most memorable advertising slogans recognized by consumers. In a study of 3,286 U.S. consumers, KFC’s “Finger lickin’ good” came out on top with an 87.9 percent recognized rate, barely edging out Kay Jewelers highly successful “Every kiss begins with Kay” at 87.4 percent.

    The study, which looked at 76 advertising slogans from well-known brands spanning most consumer industries, asked consumers to read a famous slogan, then supply the brand behind the slogan in a “free” response. All identifying brand references – like “Kay” in “Every kiss begins with Kay” – were removed to respect the study’s integrity.

    All but one of the slogans found in the top 25 list were recognized by a majority of consumers, and the list included many classics from advertising juggernauts. However,

    The Top 50 “Most Memorable Brand Advertising Slogans” are:
    “Finger lickin’ good”, KFC — 87.9%
    “Every kiss begins with ___”, Kay Jewelers — 87.4%

    “15 minutes could save you 15% or more” Geico — 82.32%
    “Just do it”, Nike — 82.31%
    “Snap, Crackle, Pop”, Rice Krispies — 79.53%
    “You’re in good hands”, Allstate — 78.21%
    “Taste the rainbow”, Skittles — 75.14%
    “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands”, M&Ms –73.19%
    “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s ____”, Maybelline — 69.28%
    “I’m lovin’ it”, McDonalds — 68.91%
    “____ is on your side”, Nationwide — 68.75%
    “They’re G-r-r-reat!” Frosted Flakes — 68.29%
    “We have the meats”, Arby’s — 67.77%
    “The king of beers”, Budweiser — 66.14%
    “M’m! M’m! Good!” Campbell’s — 62.05%
    “It gives you wings”, Red Bull — 59.31%
    “The happiest place on Earth”, Disney — 58.7%
    “The breakfast of champions” Wheaties — 57.14%
    “Can you hear me now?”, Verizon — 54.93%
    “Taste so good, cats ask for it by name” — 53.85%
    “Eat fresh”, Subway — 52.42%
    “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight”, FedEx — 52.41%
    “At the corner of happy and healthy”, Walgreens — 51.54%
    “Betcha can’t eat just one”, Lays — 50.75%
    “The snack that smiles back” Goldfish — 49.02%
    Surprisingly, many brand slogans outside of the top 25 – and thus where a majority of consumers couldn’t identify the brand – were seemingly familiar. Some of the most familiar ones included
    What’s in your wallet” — Capital One — 43.14%
    “Think outside the bun” — Taco Bell — 33.86%
    There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s …” Mastercard — 45.19%

    See the full results below:

    Most regonizable Taglines

    Survata interviewed 3,286 online respondents, closely equal across age groups and genders. Respondents were reached across the Survata publisher network, where they take a survey to unlock premium content, like articles and ebooks. Respondents received no cash compensation for their participation. More information can be found at

    Survata at The ARF’s ConsumerXScience Conference

    Survata at ARF

    We are happy to return as proud sponsors to The ARF ConsumerXScience conference in New York March 27-28, 2018. This is ARF’s flagship event that focuses on a deep understanding of consumer behavior and drivers of creative excellence. The conference draws leaders from brands, agencies, media, research companies and academia to steer the future of advertising measurement.

    Our kiosk will be directly in front of The ARF’s main booth. We will be showcasing our Brand Lift, Audience Verification and Audience Creation products and how we help brands such as Clorox, Microsoft, and Under Armour stay at the forefront of ad research.

    Planning on attending? Send us a note to connect at the event.

    Survata at ARF

    New Dashboard Features: Demographic Data Breakdown, Error Bars & more

    Over the past few months here at Survata we have been releasing new features to better support our clients to make the most out of every study ran and gain true insights. We are excited about a number of the features you will start to see in the coming months including advanced variables, and custom reporting.

    Get a quick look at your demographic data

    Sometimes you need the most basic breakdown of you respondents to best understand and analyze your study. To get a quick look at the breakdown of gender, age and location simply navigate to demographic data in your charts dropdown.

    Demographic data

    Use error bars to feel more confident in your results

    You can now modify your charts to include error bars. Error bars add value by displaying the margin of error to help give you a better idea of how your results compare to the larger population. To take advantage of this new feature, when viewing a chart, select the top right corner – show error bars.


    Get more out of your ad effectiveness studies

    Clients running ad effectiveness studies can now log in and see their results compared by control and exposed. This allows you to get quicker insight into the pulse of your study without having to take any additional steps. We are continuing to bring product enhancements to our ad effectiveness studies through automated statistical analysis and layering of data sources. To learn more about bringing this type of study to your company take a look at our free eGuide – What is Ad Effectiveness and How Does It Help Your Business?


    If you are interested in gaining early access to our newest features add your email address here.