We support many closed- and open-ended question types to help you get the insights you need. Currently, there are 12 different options in our survey platform that can cover any study. Take a look at our question types below and examples of each one:

  • Introductory Statement

    Read instructions before taking survey

  • Single Select

    Select one of multiple choices

  • Multi Select

    Select any number of multiple choices

  • Rating

    Rate on a scale

  • Ranking

    Rank the presented items 
    (Max. 2 on Basic, 4 on Extended)

  • Free Response

    Write an open-ended response

  • Click Map

    Click on a presented image

  • Grid

    Select choices from a table

  • Dropdown

    Select one choice from a list of items(Max. of 8)

  • Combo box

    Search for choices from a list of items

  • Slider

    Select choices from a slider

  • Numeric input

    Enter a numeric response

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