Survey consumers to get answers for your business.
  • You create a survey.
  • We target consumers to answer it.
  • You get answers. Fast.
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Can surveys help your business?

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  • Accurate

    Reach quality respondents at
    significant sample sizes.
  • Fast

    Start in minutes and get results
    as fast as within 24 hours.
  • Affordable

    Only $1 per US respondent,
    and $2 for international.

  • Used by leading clients, large and small
    Everyone from Fortune 100 companies to marketing agencies to small businesses uses Survata for quality consumer research.

  • Reach quality respondents, not survey addicts
    We do not maintain a traditional panel. Instead, consumers answer our surveys on high quality publisher websites (like magazines) in exchange for premium content.

  • Results in days, not weeks
    We often deliver results within 24 hours, and we can rush delivery to meet your deadlines.

  • Free, expert advice from a survey analyst
    A Survata survey analyst helps you write questions following research industry best practices to ensure you get quality results. You still have final approval on wording your survey.

  • Only $1.00 per respondent
    We offer simple, flat-rate pricing for surveys up to 6 questions: $1.00 for a US respondent and $2.00 for an international respondent. Save over 80% vs. traditional panels.

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